The Crucial Role of a Hospice Nurse


In life, everything eventually comes to an end, even life itself. When a person is nearing the end of their life, it is the responsibility of a hospice nurse to provide them with comfort and the best care possible during this difficult time. A hospice nurse has to work closely not only with the patient but also with their families and fellow healthcare professionals to ensure that every patient’s needs are met. Below are the main responsibilities of a hospice nurse:

  • Administering the patient’s medication, whether it be IV drips, prescription drugs, or shots
  • Connecting with the family members and updating them on the patient’s condition
  • Monitoring the patient’s vital signs every day and recording any possible medical concerns
  • Offering assistance, kindness, and spiritual support to help them feel calm
  • Providing emotional, mental, and social support to both patients and their families

A service program that we provide at Fresno Hospice, a hospice care in Fresno, California, is Visiting Hospice Nurses. A visiting hospice nurse needs to have compassion, empathy, and understanding of the needs of every patient, providing the care needed for patients who are mostly in constant discomfort and pain and helping them maintain their dignity as they receive treatment.

Despite the difficulties that they face every day, visiting hospice nurses care for and serve their patients tirelessly as they understand the need for hospice and palliative care and the goal to create a difference in the lives of the patients they care for, as well as, at most times, forming a bond with patients and their families.

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