Supporting a Bereaved Loved One


Despite the ways to prepare for the loss of a loved one, the actual experience is an extremely difficult time for anyone affected. One of the programs that we offer at our hospice services in California is bereavement support. Through bereavement support, we can provide comfort and guidance during a time when you feel most lost.

With the help of bereavement support at our hospice care in Fresno, California, people who have lost a loved one are given a place where they feel safe to go through their grief, as this stage can be overwhelming for everyone. Being able to express their emotions and receiving guidance and support from professionals makes a big difference at such a time. If you would like to show your support to a bereaved loved one, below are a few tips:

  • Understand how they grieve.
    Give them time to let it out and express what they are feeling.
  • Start by listening.
    Most of us worry about what to say to someone experiencing loss, but it’s better to prioritize listening to them. Sometimes, just being there for them helps a lot.
  • Assist them in practical matters.
    Thinking properly can be challenging in these times, so don’t wait for them to ask for help. Make suggestions for them, such as doing housework.

The compassionate care we provide is not limited to the emotional aspect, as bereavement support also helps in funeral arrangements and legal matters, lifting a burden from those who are already drowning in grief.
If you are seeking the help of a hospice nurse, you are more than welcome to contact Fresno Hospice. For queries, call 559-550-3444 or send us a message at

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