The Advantages of Early Admission to Hospice


Hospice is a concept of care that focuses on quality of life for individuals with a life expectancy of six months or less. There is a common misconception that hospice services can only be provided during the final weeks or days of a person’s life. However, compassionate care from a hospice team offers numerous benefits to patients and their families when provided earlier.

Likewise, we will discuss the benefits of early admission to hospice care in Fresno, California:

  • Better symptom and pain management.
    When a hospice nurse and other staff can provide care for a patient over several months, they have more time to provide individualized management of symptoms and pain. They can also get to know the patient and their needs, so they can better adjust factors like their medication to offer as much comfort and relief as possible.
  • Fewer ICU and hospital admissions.
    Patients who are admitted to hospice care earlier in the course of their illness receive care at home. It reduces their chances of being admitted to an ICU or hospital during a crisis. It helps prevent avoidable hospital admissions and allows them to stay home surrounded by their loved ones.
  • Access to equipment and supplies.
    Hospice includes the provision of helpful medical supplies and equipment. It may entail a wheelchair, commode, or hospital bed. It makes it easier for the hospice team and the patient’s family to manage their needs better.

We at Fresno Hospice are driven by our goal of providing high-quality, comprehensive hospice services in California. Hence, our service programs include pain management, hospice care coordination, bereavement support, and more. Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience for inquiries about our services.

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