Facing a life-limiting illness is never easy. Feelings of being overwhelmed, confused, or fearful should not be part of the experience because Fresno Hospice is here to help.
Hospice nurse helps old lady with mobile phone call

Fresno Hospice provides support and comfort for you or a loved one with a life-limiting illness. Gentle, compassionate professionals comprise the Fresno Hospice team. These supportive individuals are dedicated to providing the best possible hospice care in Fresno, California, including comfort and pain relief. With decades of combined experience in delivering quality hospice care, the Fresno Hospice staff has been asked countless questions. We will answer your questions to help you decide if hospice is right for you or your loved one. However, the best thing to do is have one of us meet you wherever convenient to learn more about hospice.

Our Mission

We must present respect and compassion to every client we serve and prioritize their comfort and health needs. We must be their and their family’s guide to preparing for the painful upcoming events. With our skills and knowledge, we commit to making people’s lives easier.

Our Vision

We envision helping families in preparing for the loss of their loved ones and help their loved ones live a full life with enjoyment and love through our care.

*In accordance with applicable federal and state law, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, disability, age, medical condition (cancer-related), ancestry, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or status as a Vietnam-era veteran or special disabled veteran. We also prohibit sexual harassment. This nondiscrimination policy covers employment, admission, and delivery of care.

Connect with Us

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