Managing Patients’ End-Of-Life Anxiety


Facing the end of life can induce an overwhelming amount of anxiety. This is true not just for patients but for their family members as well. Because these factors arise, caregiving in this stage of life should include caring for patients’ mental wellness.

As we provide hospice services in California, we understand that this anxiety can further the deterioration of their health. What are some great ways to manage this anxiety?

  • Take Steps to Reduce Stress

    One of the best ways to suppress anxiety levels is to reduce stress levels. This can be done through compassionate care.

    Meeting patients’ needs can be an easy way to suppress stress. You can work with a hospice nurse to keep this stress at bay.

  • Talk It Out

    Sometimes expressing these emotions can help ease this anxiety. Talking about these negative emotions can help you manage them better.

    It can also open up a discussion for you and your family members about the collective struggle that this situation brings. This discussion is often a vital step toward giving and achieving social support.

  • Spend Time with Loved Ones

    Of course, spending time with your loved ones will always be a great way to keep anxiety levels low. Doing this will also be instrumental in suppressing your stress levels.

When you spend time with your favorite people, it almost feels like your negative emotions melt away.

Here at Fresno Hospice, we are more than willing to help your loved ones manage any anxiety they may feel while receiving end-of-life care. We provide hospice care in Fresno, California, to preserve your loved one’s quality of life in this stage of their existence. Call us today for your inquiries!

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